A.Fruit is a Moscow-based DJ, audio engineer, and video game sound designer, and a well-known figure in 160 bpm bass community. Since arriving on the scene in 2015, A.Fruit has released three EPs on Sequel One Recordings, Slime Recordings, and InternetGhetto—as well as tracks on TEKLIFE, Ten Toes Turbo, Black Marble Collective, Hyperboloid, Juke Bounce Werk—with her latest, Your Inner Sun, arriving soon on Hyperboloid.  

Your Inner Sun is a deep and profound album full of soulful melodies and huge, mind-bending beats and basslines. Sitting in the range of 160 BPM, the tracks on the release beautifully weave in and out of various bass genres, from chopped-up jungle to vintage drum & bass and more forward-thinking experimental pastures. In tune with its name, Your Inner Sun presents a range of emotions, digging deep into the producer’s psyche to deliver melancholic heartache at one turn and euphoric happiness at the next.

In support of the release, Hyperboloid has offered up the dreamy opening cut, “Days,” as today’s XLR8R download, available via WeTransfer below.