The electronic-music world’s ongoing love affair with Detroit seems nowhere near burning out (then again, why would it?), and London producer Jamie Grind takes an opportunity on his new EP, Rum n Raisin (artwork above), to show his own admiration via “A Night in Detroit.” The whole effort oozes late-night basement party vibes, and its nods to the Motor City are pretty obvious—there’s the bouncing electric piano, the single-chord, string-like drones, and a deep, rolling bassline. But this isn’t just a simple homage, as Grind also showcases his craftsmanship here, folding a garage-indebted beat and some unquestionably UK-style vocal chops into the soulful outing. You can hear a streaming preview of the Rum n Raisin EP, which is out now and includes remixes from Hackman and Throwing Snow, after the jump.

01 Rum n Raisin
02 A Night in Detroit
03 Rum n Raisin (Hackman Remix)
04 Rum n Raisin (Throwing Snow Remix)

A Night In Detroit