“We got together in April 2011 and after having a big pizza, I plugged in some old analogue synths and we played for four days until late in the night.” So goes an excerpt from the press release for Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm‘s new EP, Stare, which was released on Record Store Day this past weekend on limited-edition vinyl (as well as digitally) via Erased Tapes. The new, three-track effort comes on the London/Berlin-based imprint’s fifth anniversary, and as a digital bonus, we have this remix of “a2” by labelmate Max Cooper (pictured above), which transforms the duo’s original ambient piece into a starry-eyed house experience that fits seamlessly into a soulful, deep-felt dancefloor dynamic. Swells of low end surge into a crisp, percussive breakdown that never seems to shift too abruptly, leaving Arnalds’ & Frahm’s original melody work to come humming through the compressed kick in a blissful wave of moonlit elegance. Listen to the original and have a look at the cover art for Stare, after the jump.

Stare (Max Cooper Remix)

a2 (Max Cooper Remix)