Last month, Nona Records released Abayomi‘s Remembrance Part 1, the first of three EPs set for release on the label this year. 

We last heard from the Abayomi back in November when the Berlin-based producer detailed a range of advice in regards to creating music while working full time—you can check out the Artist Tips feature here. At the time, Abayomi was fresh off the release of Warp on his own eponymous imprint, and since then has gone on to release another EP (Winters) in April this year.

On his latest outing, Abayomi continues his sonic evolution with three rolling techno cuts that balance a blend of raw Detroit soul and influence from the harsher, more bass-driven sounds of the UK. From the rich, tripped-out synth work on “Mono” to the harsh rhythms of “Saturn” and the eerie, cavernous atmospheres and energetic kicks of “Aleph,” Remembrance Part 1 sets its sights squarely at the floor, and does so with precision and finesse. 

In support of the EP, you can download “Aleph” below, with the release available to purchase here

Due to temporary issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can download the track here and stream it here