Over the years, Austrian musician Abby Lee Tee has been a regular fixture on XLR8R‘s pages. The most recent feature dropped earlier this year in support of Shash RecordsCompilation 04, which featured cuts from artists such as Monophobe, GC, DeeAit, Ylwfrnd, Mischmeister M, Dear-No, Dj Odd, Lowa, Valabaluza, and, of course Abby Lee Tee. The track in question was produced alongside GC and presented stylish beat work, glistening synths, and a bed of field recordings; qualities that have become somewhat of a calling card for the regular collaborators.

Abby Lee Tee’s latest release, Riverside Burrows, follows this trend; although, this time, the release is spread across two parts and over 20 minutes run time, merging layers of field recordings with warped instrumentation and beautiful, floating pad arrangements.

In support of the release, Shash and Abby Lee Tee have offered up a six-minute cut of the release’s first part, available via WeTransfer below.

You can pick up Riverside Burrowshere.

Riverside Burrows Pt.1.1