Upon listening to “About the Unskilled Worker,” it’s clear that Moa Pillar is trying hard to keep his bass-heavy production as organic as possible. The Moscow producer layers his work with a number of stringed instruments and woodwinds, interlocking them with 2-step-flavored soft-synth and drum-machine instrumentation to create a sonic palette that most other computer-built bass creations lack. The danceable cut is the title track from Moa Pillar’s second EP (artwork above), which is out now via FUSELab. Scan the tracklist and a full teaser stream after the jump.

1. Halt and Collapse In Black Mine
2. Nature Theme 1
3. Dolwyddelan Tower
4. Monastery Theme
5. Nature Theme 2
6. The Song of Waiting at the River
7. Nature Theme 3
8. About the Unskilled Worker
9. When Mountains Will Rise In Your Hands

About The Unskilled Worker