After a series of releases on HAKT Recordings, Other People and a collaboration with Kasper Bjørke, Abstraxion returns to his own Biologic Records to release his Spazieren remix EP, giving Ripperton, Mattheis, Conforce and INIT the freedom to have their own take on a track from Abstraxion’s forthcoming She Thought She Would Last Forever LP.

Downloadable below is the Ripperton’s first remix, in advance of the EP’s release on September 12.


01 Spazieren
02 Spazieren (Ripperton remix1)
03 Spazieren (Mattheis remix)
04 Spazieren (INIT remix)
05 Spazieren (Conforce remix)
06 Spazieren (Ripperton remix 2) [Digital Exclusive]

Spazieren (Ripperton Remix 1)