Back in April, XLR8Rreleased a cut from Innocence And Suburbia, the debut album from Acharné, a side project from Australian artist Rick Bull (a.k.a. Deepchild). Now, the album is back in the form of Innocence and Suburbia – Student Is Teacher Remixes EP, featuring interpretations of the album’s title track from Benefield, Microlot, and Kcin.

The remixes and the EP were birthed from the fact that all artists involved are active students and co-workers of Bull and the output is the result of “both personal engagement with original album material and experiments in composition strategy developed by Bull during a recent semester spent teaching at the Australian Institute of Music in close collaboration with fellow teacher Luke Warren (a.k.a. Microlot).”

Each interpretation presents a distinct sonic identity, from Microlot’s deep and haunting outing to Benefield’s stripped-back piano rework and Kcin’s rhythmic noise trip.

In support of the release, which is out now on Seppuku, you can download a bonus remix by fellow Australian Kyson, who delivers an innocently light and groovy remix.

You can pick up Innocence and Suburbia – Student Is Teacher Remixeshere.

Rooms Without Walls (Kyson’s Lullaby Remix)