Earlier this week, Acid Mondays released their latest EP, Chi Ka Pasa, via Timo Maas’s Rockets & Ponies label. The five track EP features one new original, with Acid Mondays also presenting a 5D mix and a Dub mix of “Chi Ka Pasa.” Ion Ludwig joins the duo on the EP, providing his touch to the track with two remixes, the percussive “Progmix II” and the hazy “Progmantra Mix,” with the former being a vinyl exclusive and the later, digital. Acid Mondays’ Dub mix—also a digital exclusive—hones in on the low end, with twisted vocals and slicing percussion running wild atop a bone-shaking bassline and dubby chords. You can download the Dub mix of “Chi Ka Pasa” below, with the full EP available to purchase here.

Chi Ka Pasa (Dub Mix)