Eliot Taub (a.k.a. Ulysses, pictured above) has a long history as part of the NYC nightlife, becoming a prominent promoter in the late-’90s electro scene and more recently making music as one half of the NYC duo The Nuerotic Drum Band. His time spent in New York’s electro-days-of-yore seem to not have left him unaffected, as the title track from his latest solo EP, Acid Reflux, is completely drenched in acid-house throwback elements (tweaked 303 lines and the customary creepy voice saying something or other about acid), which Prins Thomas keeps relatively intact for this remix. The Norwegian producer manages to masterfully expand on Ulysses’ acid-synth ideas, turning the song into an almost ten-minute affair full of percussive layers, endless arpeggios, and some funky bass. After an almost four-minute intro, Thomas finally hits us with the beat, and an explosion of irresistibly tweaked and filtered 303 lines take over, riding the constantly-changing rhythmic elements below until they’re stripped back one by one as the song finally comes to a halt. The Acid Reflux EP, which features this remix, its original counterpart, and two more original tracks, is out now.

Acid Reflux (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)