After years of cutting demos, dropping EPs, and jetsetting from Mexico to Berlin and back again, Cubenx (a.k.a. César Urbina) is ready to release his debut LP, On Your Own Again, next month via InFiné. Although Cubenx’s earlier work was squarely in the realm of dancefloor-centric techno, his music has always been emotional, and the moments of shimmering post-rock and shoegaze that populate his first full-length don’t seem at all out of place—even when the kick drums enter the mix. “Adrift at Sea” offers a blend of both the pulsating rhythms and floating spaciness found on the album. On Your Own Again—named after a ballad by the once-popular singer-songwriter Scott Walker—comes out next month on InFiné, a label that has previously released works by like-minded artist Apparat, who will be touring Europe with Cubenx in December.

Adrift at Sea