The London-based producer known as Reso has a few projects coming up, including the release of his Check 1, 2 EP on October 15 and his full-length debut, Tangram, which drops on November 5 via Civil. He’s sent over a bonus cut from all the hard work he’s been doing recently, a glitch-leaning track titled “Aegis.” The song has an energy of restraint and minimalism that arises from Reso’s stuttering production and the cut-up, breathy vocal samples, which sound as if they’re zooming in and out of focus. About a minute and a half in, Reso drops some serious low end into the mix, effectively rounding out the body of the tune and giving the skittering beat some much-appreciated weight. You can scope out the artwork and tracklist for Tangram after the jump.

01. Exoframe
02. Creature
03. Axion
04. Coronium
05. Simple Pleasures
06. Virtua Rhythm
07. Interlude
08. Nempo
09. Backwards Glance
10. Half Life
11. Ishimura
12. Check 1,2
13. Tabris