Honing in his strong remix prowess and focusing on his ability to pair up with just the right artist, Brighton-based artist Affelaye has managed to reach a couple of considerable milestones over the past couple of years. Kicking off with a remix of Kyoto’s favorite dream pop artist Cuushe and her single “I Love You” off her Butterfly Case EP, Affelaye started to carve out his niche as a formidable remixer with tendencies towards the more melodic side of gaze pop. Not long afterwards, he continued his streak of successful releases with stellar dub remix of Robokid and their track “Ur Touch”, which was then premiered on BBC Radio 1 by B. Traits. Closing out his year with the track “You’re Everywhere” for the Bad Taste Records 5th Anniversary Vol. 2 EP, Affelaye finalized the perfect send off to an absolutely stellar run of productions in 2014.

For today’s XLR8R download, Affelaye has supplied us with an original production in the form of the track “Fewer Looks.” Something about this track feels very personal, like there is a desire to connect with a feeling that is interwoven into the calling of the vocals and the layering of the effects. The track also has a brighter side that slides in about halfway through, ready to shift the listener into a different mood from the previous half, drawing you in closer to the warmer sides of the percussion and around the edge of the drums.

You can listen to other tracks by Affelaye by visiting him on Souncloud, and you can download the track “Fewer Looks” by clicking on the WeTransfer button below.

Fewer Looks