There has been plenty of chatter about ’90s house recently, but most of it seems to center around classic Ibiza vibes and proto-trance tunes. Given music’s current obsession with the beach and so-called tropical sounds, that makes sense. On the other hand, Bob Holroyd originally released “African Drug” back in 1994, and it’s being reissued despite the fact doesn’t exactly conjure images of palm trees and sandy shores. Holroyd’s original is highlighted by some melodic chimes and what sounds like a native drum circle, but it’s without question a bit of a spooky tune. That goes double for this re-work from T.Williams (pictured above) of Deep Teknologi. You may remember him as the artist behind the first Local Action release—you can still stream the EP on our site—but on this remix, which doesn’t appear on the physical release, he’s gone dark and psychedelic, cranking the drums and driving the listener into a scary new psychological realm, as if dosed by a powerful shaman’s mysterious, consciousness-expanding brew. The “African Drug” 12″ drops on September 27, and also includes an epic Four Tet remix along with another T.Williams effort that’s a lot more straight-ahead and melodic.

African Drug (T.Williams Mix2)

African Drug (T.Williams Keye Mix)