The brainchild of Robin Appleton—founder of underground cult psych/prog band Cranium Pie and Tronsonic, unique tape-sampled virtual synthesizers—Ai (standing for Audio intelligence) is a collective of friends and collaborators, including Will White of Propellerheads, who contributed ideas and new mixes to Paradigmension, a 17-track album of electronic soul. The hard-to-define release was originally conceived as a soundtrack project for TV and film and was built around Appleton’s home-made Tronsonic samples, as he explains:

“I’ve always loved the sound of synths recorded onto tape—early Kraftwerk LPs, Radiophonic Workshop, 50s sci-fi b-movie fx. Somehow tape can inject a kind of imperfect human element into otherwise ‘perfect’ electronic sound/music. For me, this is the ingredient I try to inject into my music to bridge the gap between man and machines.”

Paradigmension will drop digitally on June 23 via Blurred Recordings and ahead of the release, you can download LP cut “So High – I Can Reach The Sun” via WeTransfer below.

So High – I Can Reach The Sun