Hailing from the Russian city of Murmansk, AL-90 is a budding producer who is set to deliver a new album via the Fuselab label later this month. Entitled CODE-915913, the record is set to feature a sizable collection of the Russian artist’s “post/tape-house” constructions, which usually bury a series of ’90s-referencing melodies, re-pitched samples, and a sluggish four-on-the-floor beneath a bed of murky textures. One such cut is “Vectornaya Eyforia,” a track that fits ping-ponging melodies and a series of chopped vocals beneath its blanket of dark and hazy chords. AL-90’s “Vectornaya Eyforia” production can be downloaded below before the beatmaker’s full CODE-915913 album lands on February 25.

Vectornaya Eyforia