Alci has offered a new track for free download.

Of Turkish origins but born and raised just outside of Zurich, Alci’s entry into DJing came via hip-hop and street culture, trying his hand at graffiti and breakdancing before discovering turntables. Over time, his taste has evolved, shifting into the electronic world where he now places his sound between funky house grooves and minimalistic techno.

In 2013 he released on Phil WeeksRobsoul Recordings, and by the end of the year he had followed up the EP with a three-part Early Beginnings series for the imprint. Other labels quickly took an interest, leading Alci to put out music on Infuse, the sub-label from Fuse London, and Apollonia.

Up next is the Humanized Pattern EP on his own Seeing Sounds and the free download of “Eleven,” a groovy track made exclusively for XLR8R.

Talk to us about how you got into DJing and production?

I actually did my way through the hip-hop culture, like breakdance, graffiti and of course Djing when I had enough money to buy a pair of Technics. At this time I also started to produce music while at the same time I discovered the electronic music culture and really got into it very fast.

When and where was the track recorded?

The track was recorded and mastered in my home studio around March this year.

How did your first release on Apollonia come about?

It was great. I’m still moved by the fact that I released my music on one of my favorite labels.

What’s the aim of your label, Seeing Sounds — do you have a clear sound aesthetic?

There is no straight direction on the aim or on the sound. It’s just music that I love and art that inspires me.

What’s your production setup like?

Its a balance between analog and digital. For the sound, I use some hardware gear, virtual instruments and own recorded/sampled sounds like from old vinyl or my surroundings..To record, I try to stay in the analog world as much as possible.

How do you start a track — is it spontaneous jamming or do you have a clear sound in your head before you start?

It’s more kind of a jam; of course, sometimes I have a clear sound vision in my head but in the end of the session it’s completely something else.

What’s next for 2017?

The SEEINGSOUNDS.002 will be out soon and more music is scheduled on different labels this year.