With over a decades’ worth of releases under his Funzion alias and his birth name, Argentinian Alejandro Mosso has found his stride as of late in a careful balance between acoustic and synthesized sounds. With a background in post-rock and electropop, Mosso’s eventual investment in house music grew naturally from an interest in sound design, experimentation, and music research. Over the past few years, Mosso has become fascinated with North African music, informing the evolution of his production to encompass an eclectic sound palette.

Mosso has given “Tassaouit N’akhazi” for today’s XLR8R download. An edit of an accapela track from Tuareg folk group Ikewan, the track is emblematic of his admiration for music of the Saharan region. With a stripped down, atmospheric melody and non-Western rhythmic components, Mosso accents the original vocals with a blend of organic forms and a studied approach to composition.

Download the track via WeTransfer below.

Tassaouit N’akhazi