New London label Tessellate has returned for a second round, this time with an EP from Turkey via Aleksandir, who has previously released on Blind Jacks journey. The record also features remixes from Asa Moto and Seb Wildblood

The A-side features two club-ready tracks, starting with “Yamaha,” before Belgium’s Asa Moto slow things down with a wild and trippy acidic remake of the original. Flip the record and you have “Dreams,” a chilled piece of work before Seb Wildblood steps up to remix. “Deep Trak” closes the record.  


01. Yamaha

02. Yamaha (Asa Moto Remix)

03. Dreams

04. Dreams (Seb Wildblood Remix)

05. Deep Trak

In support of the release, out now, you can download “Dreams” in full via the player below—or EU readers must stream here and download here due to temporary GDPR restrictions