As previously announced, Alex Menzies (best known as Alex Smoke) has a new album of “more esoteric music” on the way, he says.

Menzies—who contributed to our podcast series back in 2016—shares music via a number of aliases, including Alex Smoke. As Alex Smoke, he has released music on R&S Records, Vakant, and Soma Quality Recordings; however, his two previous albums under his own name have arrived on Kathexis, in 2015 and 2016.

His latest LP arrives on OWM and promises to be the first of two of three volumes.


01. Scale
02. Spitt
03. Greek Mode
04. Zaar
05. Diadem
06. Unity
07. Ghazali
08. Tonal
09. Fourth
10. Balm
11. Out Of Darkness

Other World Music Vol. I is scheduled for April 4 release, with “Spitt” available to download via the WeTransfer button below.