Alexander Robotnick (a.k.a Maurizio Dami) should be a name familiar to anyone with a knowledge of dance music’s early history or just a love for the disco-tinged electro of days gone by. Hailing from Italy, the 65-year old producer has been making floors move since 1981 and continues to do so in a playful, distinct, and nostalgic manner. His EP series, titled ‘Music For An Imaginary Club,’ consists of 30 original tracks that are to be released three at a time. When shedding light on this project, Dami said: “With the help of my old analog synths I produced the music I’d like to dance to at my imaginary club. The project includes about thirty tracks, composed in the last 2 years. The tracks are in different styles because styles to me are but the expression of ‘moods’.”

With Music For An Imaginary Club – Vol. 5 on its way via Hot Elefant Music, Dami has offered up the EP cut “Media House” as today’s XLR8R download. Coming in at 124 BPM, the track is a lighthearted and rhythmic journey lead by a jovial horn riff that gives the track considerable character. During the whole production, Robotnick was oddly haunted by a fantasy: a guy with a glass in his hand dancing along to that horn riff, heading to the dancefloor from the bar… The dancefloor in his imaginary club of course.

Music For An Imaginary Club – Vol. 5 will be available for purchase on June 20.

You can download “Media House” below via WeTransfer.

Media House