Offering the kind of blissful, emotive house music that fuels summertime dance parties, Great Skies‘ remix of Error Operator‘s (pictured above) “All Around She” comes via the newly minted earFOOD imprint. Featuring a straightforward beat christened with heavenly pads and Caribou-like vocal intonations, the track’s central motif is actually Great Skies’ (whom we’ve featured before) bassline. A subtly used low-frequency oscillator bends the sub melodies into new shapes as the beat progresses, providing a comfortable anchor for the remixer to paint vocals across the watercolor-smooth top end. It’s a relaxing entry into crimson-soaked, sun-going-down house music, a style we’ll undoubtedly be hearing more of as 2012 heats up. The Mstblove/All Around She EP is out now; listen to a full stream of the release, after the jump.

All Around She (Great Skies Remix)