Today, Raffertie‘s Super imprint dropped the “You’re So” single from young production duo Bondax, and has passed along this bonus track to help spread the word. “All Inside” is an icy, introspective production lead by chords that move in and out of earshot at a pace not far from taking a relaxed breath. The 17-and-18-year-old Lancaster-based pair proceed to build a pristine post-everything beat that is marked by tuned percussion, side-chained whirls, and thick, gooey chords. The crowning feature is a beautifully chopped-and-rearranged R&B vocal that sounds like it could have stemmed from some forgotten neo-soul record, or perhaps even further back into the days of early rhythm and blues. After giving this tune a spin, you can stream a preview of Bondax’s new single, after the jump.

All Inside