Never mind the fact that this track is called “All Myself.” Au architect Luke Wyland actually had a ton of help here, as well as on the whole of his sophomore full-length, Verbs, released earlier this summer. The Portland-based songwriter not only chose to surround himself with a proper band for the album, namely in the form of multi-instrumentalists Jonathan Sielaff and Mark Kaylor, but he also enlisted 30-plus people to swing by the studio and make a contribution. Thus, Verbs is a grandiose affair that includes guests spots from Parenthetical Girls, Evolutionary Brass Band, Becky Dawson, Team Love darlings A Weather, and, well, you should just listen to the album to get the full effect. For “All Myself,” Wyland would settle, it seems, for nothing less than a full horn section, layers of percussion, flute interludes, and robust vocal choruses. It’s sort of like the aural equivalent to eating a seven-course dinner. Maverick Newberry

Au – All Myself