Though at this point Southern California artist Ryan York is best known for his work as Asura on the Non Projects label, he branches out here under his given name for a new EP released on Matthewdavid’s imprint from around the way, Leaving Records. One of the seven jams on the Zipperlegs EP, “All Our Favorite Colors” certainly retains many of the elements we enjoy from York’s work as Asura (save his Unreleasables tracks): woozy melodics, etheral vocal flourishes, and subtle rhythmic work to name a few. It does seem like the producer dug a bit deeper into his love for fuzzy ambiance, tape compression, and live electronics for this project, resulting in a lovely stylistic shift across the board. You can grab the rest of York’s Zipperlegs EP on limited-edition cassette or digital download today.

All Our Favorite Colors