Considering his role as one of the later members in the legendary Funk Brothers Motown backing band and the string of hits to his name (including the classic song “Scorpio”, which has been sampled countless times in the hip-hop world over the years), any XLR8R readers who fancy themselves decent crate diggers (and we imagine that’s a lot of you) should be familiar with the work of Dennis Coffey. Earlier in the year, the Detroit guitarist saw his first album since the mid ’80s released through the Strut imprint, and now the self-titled effort is starting to turn up some remixes, like this one from fellow Michigan resident Shigeto (pictured above). As one might expect, Shigeto carefully molds “All Your Goodies Are Gone” into a slow-brewing piece of soulful downtempo, choosing to use Coffey’s original guitar work in lush spurts of backwards movement and, fortunately, keeping Mayer Hawthorne‘s vocal contributions to an unobtrusive minimum. A free remix collection of Coffey’s album, including additional reimaginings from the likes of Dabrye, Recloose, 14KT, Nick Speed, and more is said to be on its way soon.

All Your Goodies Are Gone feat. Mayer Hawthorne (Shigeto remix)