Considering most things from his labelmates seldom have a steady rhythm or anything resembling a regular drum pattern (not that we’re complaining), Florida-based producer Sumsun is about as close as Matthewdavid’s Leaving camp gets to having a dance music artist. Here we find Sumsun flexing his remix chops as he takes Hard Mix‘s “Alright” to the limits of its cosmic slow-jam potential. The track begins with a fuzzy, side-chained pad that floats along while Sumsun adds distant, slow-moving hip-hop drums. Back-and-forth male and female vocal samples take center stage, followed by even more layers of distorted fuzziness that eventually build to overpowering heights, enveloping the track in their static warmth. For now, it appears this remix won’t be found on any particular release, it’s simply a freebie (with accompanying artwork above) from the good people at Leaving and we’re glad to share it.

Alright (Sumsun Remix)