Though only armed with a simple refrain and an occasional set of airy chords, Ellie Herring‘s “Always Just OK” is a beat steeped in contemplation. Still, the tune—pulled from Herring’s forthcoming Kite Day EP—is not without a tasteful touch of bounce, which can be attributed to the track’s melodic pattern of tuned percussion and alternating instances of reverb-washed snaps and drum-machine-born claps. In the end, it’s hard to categorize “Always Just OK”—there are flashes of refracted R&B, the slightest footwork undertones, and the familiar sheen of space-age beatmaking to be heard—but Herring’s craft is likely the better for its refusal to fit within a particular framework. Six more of the artist’s original productions will be made available alongside remixes from VHNL, Albert Swarm, and Sines + Katastrophic when Kite Day sees a release on July 23.

Always Just OK