LA-based producer Sweatson Klank, formerly known as Take, has a new EP coming to Project: Mooncircle on May 4, but today, we have the first tune off the release, “Always You.” We’ve previously posted on the organic, intricately formed nature of Mr. Klank’s tunes, and “Always You” is no different in its richly realized aesthetic. A multitude of syncopated synths color in the shifting 2-step beat, with alternately pitched vocal samples bouncing in and around the proceedings like an Amazonian frog navigating its natural environment. It’s a fitting metaphor, as the productions of Sweatson Klank are akin to a fully immersive, digitally fluorescent forest in which the listener just can’t help but lose themselves. Stream a preview of the rest of the Elevate EP and peep the cover art, after the jump.

Always You