The sound of tribal guarachero has been percolating across the internet for awhile now, but, for the most part, ‘official’ releases have been hard to come by. The remix-heavy genre, noted for its unique Latin percussion, loping house beat, and squealing synth melodies, is dominated by young bedroom producers in Mexico, most of whom simply make tracks, post them online—usually on rudimentary and hard-to-navigate Spanish language blogs—and allow the natural web diffusion process to take place. That might change after today, as Monterrey’s teenage 3Ball MTY crew, with a little help from Toy Selectah, has released 3BALLMTY!, a free EP with five tracks of tribal guarachero goodness. Better yet, the guys have actually elected to spread the word about it. The entire EP is available for download here, but we’ve gone ahead and re-hosted “Amantes Guarachero” from 16-year-old Erick Rincón. (Other 3Ball members include Sheeqo Beat and DJ Otto, both age 18.) Like many tribal tunes, “Amantes Guarachero” (translation: Guarachero Lovers) is a bit manic, but its hyperactive, borderline-trance melody and incessant drums are sure to get folks moving, regardless of what side of the border they happen to be on.

Amantes Guaracheros (Original Mix) – Erick Rincon