Not too long ago, in early October, the Paris-based electro-pop band Ambrose debuted their self-titled EP, spreading it across all corners of the internet. The band took a very concise and standard approach to sharing their music, by uploading it to sites like iTtunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp. Ambrose was quickly pegged by music lovers for utilizing a gazing bass sound that would make fans of Turning Shrines take immediate notice. Their debut EP included four tracks that can all stand on their own, including the ambient-turned–synth-clicker “Red Light”, and wobbling tribal rhythm pace of the track, “Southern Arch.” The release of the EP was a enormous milestone for the band, and they instantly took to their social-media channels to thank everyone who supported them on their way. The success of the release is now being followed up by remixes for the EP—and today we’ree offering up the remix of the track “Fag Ends,” by French production duo, FaCIL.

FaCIL is a young producer and DJ duo out of France. They range between early house-music aesthetics and the crackling textures of daytime disco, a blend easily recognized by tuning in to any of their recent podcasts or sets. Whether it’s the bouncy basslines of their self-released Killing Those Days EP, or the synthetic sounds of their remix of the track “Neptune” for long time friend François Ier, the result is same: spontaneous and powerful house music that keeps on delivering. Today, FaCIL has provided their interpretation of Ambrose’s track “Fag Ends” for direct download on XLR8R. Their interpretation takes the original and puts a special shine on it by incorporating an uplifting intro and straight-forward kick drum. The vocals are also stripped down to one small outtake and recompiled into an unambiguous direct message, leaving the listener with a dance-driven perspective on the original.

You can find out more about what FaCIL have coming down the pipeline by visiting them online, and you can grab their remix of “Fag Ends” by Ambrose by clicking on the media player below.

Fag Ends (FaCIL Remix)