Stemming from the techno mecca of Berlin’s infamous Berghain establishment, “Analogical” offers a healthy dose of grinding, hissing machine sounds from the world of Ostgut Ton. This collaboration between Barker (a.k.a. Voltek) and Baumecker, sees two experimentalists smelting down elements culled from dub, techno, glitch, and ambient to create a breathing and organic production from the rusting remains of a forgotten factory. Barker & Baumecker‘s non-release track arrives ahead of a new LP from the duo, called Transsektoral, which will be available on CD and vinyl on September 10. You can check out the artwork and tracklist for that forthcoming record, after the jump.

01. Sektor
02. Trafo
03. Schlang Bang
04. Crows
05. Tranq
06. No Body
07. Trans_it
08. Databass133?
09. Buttcracker
10. Silo
11. Spur