Ancestral Voices is the new project from Liam Blackburn, formerly known as Indigo and also known as the artist Akkord, on Samurai Music Group‘s more experimental sub-label Samurai Horo. The birth of the project represents a new path for the established and highly respected producer who just recently released his debut LP, Night of Visions, under the new moniker. XLR8R was ecstatic when Blackburn reached out to offer up the very track that lead to this new project for an exclusive, unreleased XLR8R download (below).

What was the transition between Indigo to Ancestral Voices? What sparked this decision?

I’m not the same person I was 10 years ago, I’ve had many experiences and made many changes since then. I want to grow, take what I learned and put it into something new. I Got tired of where I was and what some others expectations were of me so I decided to break it all off and start again. I wanted no ties with any scenes or genres and to do my own thing, no restrictions.

How is this track that you are offering up for download significant? When was it made and what was your inspiration for it?

It was made to open up my b2b set with Doc Scott at an Exit vs Metalheadz night last year. I wanted an atmospheric, intense way to open up. It was the last track I made between the transition.

What is the importance of the name Ancestral Voices? How does it work with the name of the album Night of Visions? Did you have a specific story in mind when making this album?

The name comes from the idea that knowledge and wisdom are passed down aurally, sonically, and experientially into our time for us to learn the laws of Nature. The album is a diary of some sort from an experience I had in 2012. I took part in several ceremonies and this is my experience that I wanted to document and share.

What aspects from Indigo can we see in Ancestral Voices?

Similar soundscapes and rhythm programming but a completely different feeling. I tried to keep it accessible for fans of my Indigo material whilst moving forward to gain a wider audience that has nothing to do with the scenes and pigeonholes I became part of. I’ve never released a drum and bass track but the tempo was similar. Media, for some odd reason seem to reference Indigo, Akkord, and this new material to drum and bass. It’s really lazy journalism. It makes me wonder whether they have listened to any of the music at all or whether they just stick to one record that was released 6 years ago and bunch it in with the rest.

You previously released under your Indigo alias on Samurai Horo and Samurai Red Seal.. How did Ancestral Voices find a home on the label? How did your relationship with Presha begin?

It was really natural and effortless, I’ve known Geoff for a long time.. maybe 6/7 years. He was my agent initially then when he moved to Berlin he became more of a friend and mentor. I have released quite a few records with him over the years and also ASC which is all under a similar umbrella. Ancestral Voices found a home on the label because it fits perfectly with the Horo sound and aesthetic and I have been there since the first wave. I don’t have any desire to be anywhere else, it’s a family and a home to be proud of. The music that comes out of all the labels is of a very high calibre in my opinion. A lot of other labels just put out what they feel safe with, I like how Geoff takes a lot of risks and I trust in his vision. Trust and a mutual understanding is a hard thing to find a lot of the time so when a good home is found, it’s good to settle and get to work.

Thanks for speaking with us Liam. Before we go, what is the future of Ancestral Voices?

No immediate plans, I’m working on material and concepts constantly. I hope each release will tell a story or share something that can alter perception or gain insights from. I feel a duty to share and develop new ways of understanding the world around us, and discover what it really is.

You can find out more about Ancestral Voices new record Night of Visions by clicking here, and you can download the track “Metamorphosis” by clicking on the media player below.