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AnD recently released a new LP via Electric Deluxe.

Social Decay is described as simultaneously one of the Manchester duo’s “most overwhelming and most innovative efforts.”

Whereas AnD’s previous LP Cosmic Microwave Background utilized the duo’s intensity to pay homage to the enormity of the universe and the incomprehensibly violent processes involved in its creation, Social Decay takes things back to earth and right down to a “street view.”


A1 / 1. First Element
A2 / 2. Corrupted Structures
A3 / 3. Anarchic Rhapsody
B1 / 4. Corrugated Windows
B2 / 5. UFO
C1 / 6. Narcissism
C2 / 7. Pandemonium
D1 / 8. Screaming Voices
D2 / 9. Artificial Intelligence
E1 / 10. Resisting Authority
E2 / 11. Taking Control
F1 / 12. Kepler
F2 / 13. Disturbed Reality

Social Decay is out now, with “Kepler” available to download now via the button below. below alongside a video for the track above.