André Baum is a singer, producer, and multimedia artist from New York City. Having spent two years traveling between New York, California, and Nepal for work and various recording projects, Baum relocated to Berlin with a deep musical curiosity following a spontaneous invitation.

“A friend in New York said, ‘I’m going to Berlin. See you there,’ and I thought, ‘What do you mean… I’m working and playing in a band: I’m not going to Berlin.’ And two months later, I was knocking on his door in Neukölln. I thought I was just going for the summer.” Now three years later, after refining his studio work and completing a diverse catalog of material—spanning alternative pop, hip-hop, electronica, and house—he recently decided to share his latest production, “For The Love.”

“Who knows if this is the best introduction to my work? But it came naturally and it has positive energy in it from a few of my closest friends, so I trust it. It’s a meeting point of my songwriting tendencies and my club-oriented work,” Baum says.

Baum, a field recording enthusiast who acts as a “vacuum for any sudden tasty vibrations,” produced the track using a palette that features sounds both personal and historic. “I try to make music that is timeless by weaving diverse sounds from specific points in time,” he adds.

Baum is soon set to launch a collaborative-centric label, People People.

For The Love