As the founding member of the Parisian duo Acid Washed, Andrew Claristidge is very in tune with what it takes to jump start his personal creative process. When Claristidge first started working on his debut solo album, Danser ou mourir, he decided that he needed to start sourcing sounds that would fit inside of the sonic explorations he was searching for. He decided to fly to Ubu Noir‘s studio in Lyon where he knew he could find an EMS synthesizer, and his experience with the vintage music machine was highly inspiring. Afterwards, he traveled back to his studio in Berlin where he quickly assembled almost all the ideas for his upcoming album.

Because of this burst of encouragement he received in France, Andrew started a new way of producing that he calls pragmatic composing, which involves less thinking about the mechanics of making music and more about acting on his raw emotions when he is in the studio. This production process is the driving force behind Claristidge‘s new album, and today, XLR8R is proud to offer a track off the album ahead of its November 21 release.

The track that is being offered up today for the XLR8R daily download is called “And Now You Dance!,” and features a guest appearance by The Claydermans. The track opens up with the arpeggiated sounds that quickly draw you to the dance floor, before settling into a groove that is indicative of Claristidge and his knack for creating music that feels like post-disco, but with a fresh approach. The exceptional artwork for Danser ou mourir was created by Océane Moussé and the graphic design was produced by WYN&M studios. You can pre-order Andrew Claristidge new album, Danser ou mourir, ahead of its November over on Juno by clicking here.