Atlanta producer Distal is nothing if not prolific, as the man’s name has been popping up on a litany of remixes and releases over the past year. This week, he’s unveiling his latest collection of tunes, the Android Tourism EP (pictured above), a four-song offering on the Scotland-based Fortified Audio label. Here we have a remix of the title track from relative unknown LDFD, a Texan beat slinger who has taken the Ritalin-infused funky of Distal’s original and transformed it into something that is simultaneously more ponderous and hyperactive. What begins with light crackles and serene tones suddenly shifts into breakneck footwork and back again, a neck-snapping journey sewn together with bent neon synths. LDFD maintains the rollercoaster-like feel over the song’s four minutes, repeatedly taking breathers before plunging headlong into another burst of juke. And like any good coaster, the ride leaves you a bit exhausted, but at the end you disembark with a smile on your face.

Android Tourism (LDFD Remix)

Android Tourism LDFDRemix