The latest member of the West Coast’s burgeoning Wedidit Collective to come forth with new material, Groundislava, has passed along this track from his forthcoming self-titled debut LP (artwork above). “Animal” finds the Venice-based producer staying true to his 8-bit roots to a certain extent, as he manipulates a host of bit-crushed sounds into the kind of dramatic, futuristic beat we’ve come to know him for over the past few months. Fortunately, Groundislava does not stop there, adding depth to the track with layer upon layer of featured vocalist Jake Weary, whose pseudo-neo-soul crooning receives its fare share of sonic tinkering. Whether bathed in reverb, pitched up and down, or side-chained beyond recognition, Weary’s vocals provide a melodic wash that rests nicely on top of the tune’s stony, melancholy core. Groundislava’s self-titled LP is set to drop April 12. You can check the full tracklist after the jump.

1. Pregaming the Rapture
2. Panorama ft. Jake Weary
3. A Grass Day
4. Young Lava
5. Final Impasse
6. The Dig (Digital + 7″ only)
7. Animal ft. Jake Weary
8. Shlava ft. Shlohmo & JonWayne
9. Stealth River Mission
10. New Flesh (Digital only)
11. Gravity Hoarding ft. Jake Weary
12. One For Her
13. Animal (Young Montana? remix) (Digital only)
14. Panorama (Clive Tanaka y Beaunoise remix) (Digital + 7″ only)

Animal ft. Jake Weary