Last month, LA-based duo Annabel (lee) dropped The Cleansing, their anticipated follow-up to their 2015 Ninja Tune debut, on Youngbloods.

The sophomore outing is a stunning collection of delicate cuts that ignore categorization and genre constraints. There are, of course, musical touchstones such as jazz and bossa nova, but the duo’s music seems to be a distant echo of inspirations, filtered through a noir-ish haze and a smokey lens. Graceful instrumentation and floating soundscapes provide the backing for singer and lyricist Sheila Ellis’ haunting and abstract vocal work across eight tracks and two sides—the release is split into two parts: Side A, Shades of Reverie, and Side B, Tones of Clarity.

The Cleansing is available now on limited-edition 12” vinyl and digitally and can be grabbed here. To celebrate the release, Youngbloods and Annabel (lee) have offered up “Far” as today’s XLR8R download, available via WeTransfer below.