As his name suggests, the artist known as Anonym has remained anonymous for the entirety of his musical career which spans over decade. What is known about this mysterious producer is that he hails from Detroit, a city which most of his sonic inspiration stems from, and that he has worked closely with the Museum of Moving Images in NYC where he has provided the scoring soundtracks for many of the works that have previously been on display. Releasing music through labels such as Archipel, Bloop, Pariter, Bass Culture, and his personal imprint Anonymous Release, Anonym’s sound and persona has a loyal connection with all things underground.

Having recently relocated to Amsterdam, Anonym has just released his latest four-track EP, XXX – The Private Selection, via Vakant Records and has been kind enough to gift XLR8R the track “Flash Master G and the Furious Bassheads.” The track is an eleven-minute club journey that gradually emerges from a clattering, electric rhythm and heavy, droning synths. The track ultimately comes to tell the distorted story of a DJ who runs up tabs with big time drug dealers due to his massive hankering for “gobs of cocaine.” You can download the track in the player below and be sure to check out more from Anonym by visiting his Soundcloud page here.

Flash Master G and the Furious Bassheads