In the aftermath of Chapter 24‘s second album, namely The Myth of Tarae by young Parisian composer Anton Dhouran, the label will now release an Editions package.

Dhouran’s debut full-length LP melds electronic, instrumental, and cinematic styles similar to how he has done for labels such as Diynamic, Family N.A.M.E., and The Soundgarden. On this release, the title track is reworked by Third Son, Olderic, and AZZUR label bosses Konvex & The Shadow. Their “Rodeo Edition” is furnished with a distorted arpeggiated bassline and features swelling harmonies alongside the original vocals. Meanwhile, their “Celestial Edition” is more mellow.

In support of the release, out May 18, you can download “The Myth of Tarae” (Konvex & The Shadow Rodeo Dub), an unreleased take specially for XLR8R, in full via the WeTransfer button below.


01. The Myth of Tarae feat. Ed Begley
02. The Myth of Tarae {Third Son Edition}
03. The Myth of Tarae {Olderic Edition}
04. The Myth of Tarae {Konvex & The Shadow Rodeo Edition}
05. The Myth of Tarae {Konvex & The Shadow Celestial Edition}

The Myth of Tarae {Konvex & The Shadow Rodeo Dub}