You see, guys, not everyone associated with the beat scene has to match a wobbly bass tone with a herky-jerky rhythm, throw in a couple of samples, and call it a tune. Like Leaving Records affiliate and hot weather lover Sumsun shows on his “Ants” track, it’s okay to drop a simple beat (that’s perfectly in time), wrap it in a single sun-bleached soundscape that’s as beautifully orchestrated as it is lo-fi and indecipherable, and ride the waves for about four minutes. The producer, born Judson Rogers, reminds us a bit of what we’ve been hearing from Teebs lately, but with a more prominent dancefloor beat and a slightly stronger slant toward chillwave. We’ll see how the rest of Sumsun’s record compares when Leaving Records drops Samo Milagro on November 2.