Grassroots: United Over Ukraine is a double-disc compilation which aims to raise money in order to help support families affected by the recent events in the country of Ukraine. With its tracklist including exclusive new cuts from Perc, Dustin Zahn, ACS, and Vakula, among others, the collection has certainly put together a formidable roster to help the cause. “Anxiety,” a new production from Ukrainian producer SE62, is set to appear on the compilations first disc. Spanning over six-minutes, the machine-minded house track is built on a leisurely skip, with flanged hats, snappy snares, and low bass thuds led by crisp chord stabs. As SE62’s production rolls on, it also digs deeper, its chords reaching to lower octaves while its rhythms stay low-swung. “Anxiety” and 14 other exclusive tracks will be available on Grassroots: United Over Ukraine on Monday, June 9. More info on the upcoming compilation and its cause can be found here.