Berlin-based producer and visual artist Aparde has announced his debut album Glass and shared the video for the first single “Mouth.”

Exemplifying his strong aesthetic expression, the video acts as a visual translation of the album into moving pictures.The mysterious visual is about barriers and the feeling of being trapped. The process of having to deal with one’s fears and demons is shown by the impression of undefinable intertwined bodies behind a frail barrier of glass.

Out on the October 13 via Christian Löffler’s Ki Records, Glass is an unconscious concept album that acts as a summary of the last two years. Throughout its creation, the self-taught drummer and musician Paul Camillo Rachel (a.k.a Aparde) only used analog instruments and self-recorded material—often different kinds of glass which were acoustically combined with other materials.


01. Siren
02. Sober
03. Glass
04. North
05. Mouth (feat. Anne)
06. Shiver
07. Wires (feat. Brigade)
08. Sand
09. Merge
10. Lumen

LP is scheduled for October 13 release, with “Mouth” feat. Anne available to download exclusively below, and the video streaming above.