Kenneth James Gibson is a man of many personas. Back in 2010, we were happy to be able to share a cut from an album he produced under his birth name. Six years on, and his workload has grown to be as substantial as the catalog of aliases that he has created it all under. Earlier this year, he released an ambient full-length via Kompakt (The Evening Falls), and now he is preparing for the release of another under his [a]pendics.shuffle alias: set to drop this July on Adjunct, Aware Sequence Found Life is the first [a]pendics.shuffle album in over a decade.

The recent boost in productivity stemmed from a relocation: last year, Gibson found himself on the mountaintop of Idyllwild, California, and ended up staying. Both of this year’s new albums were conceived in his new home, surrounded by nature and his own space.

Taken from the forthcoming dancefloor-oriented Aware Sequence Found Life LP,we are fortunate in being able to offer “A Wave” for download today. A deep, subby bassline pulses under unpredictable abstract noises, muted vocal snippets, and the occasional stab of a synth. The track is as schizophrenic as its producer’s multiple personalities, going through all sorts of divergent phases, yet somehow maintaining a thread between them all. It’s a good insight into what to expect from the album, which promises plenty of variety.

Download “A Wave” via WeTransfer below. You can pre-order Aware Sequence Found Life at

A Wave