California whiz kid Shlohmo (pictured above) has turned husband-and-wife duo Jed and Lucia‘s folky number “April Showers” into a monster of a beat on this new remix. Drenching the guitar and vocals of the original track in a bath of reverb, Shlohmo adds a layer of sizzling, jittery percussion, low, wobbly bass, and a generous helping of delicious noise. Right around the 1:10 mark is where he really starts to show off, letting the distorted elements take over the track, gradually twisting and turning until their eventual end. If this remix doesn’t satisfy your appetite for the slow, broken beats we’ve come to expect from the young beat-scene staple, perhaps taking another listen to his excellent XLR8Rpodcast would do the trick.

April Showers (Shlohmo Remix)