The Moodgadget imprint—where artists such as Shigeto and Mux Mool placed their early releases—is set to return this week with the Gems EP, a four-track record from Dublin-based A/V pair Clu. Pulled from that record is “Aquatic Ambience,” a beat whose watery textures and lush arrangement are certainly well-matched to its title. One of the EP’s shorter efforts, “Aquatic Ambience” begins by building patterns from synthesized vocals and detailed percussion tones. As the track progresses, Clu unravels a number of spiraling arpeggios and a series of re-tuned vocal phrases, all while the track’s shuffling rhythmic bed continues to add more interlocking layers. The result is an immersive production that serves as an intriguing preview to Clu’s upcoming Moodgadget debut, officially out tomorrow.

Aquatic Ambience