Since forming in 2006, Arms and Sleepers—a duo made up of Max Lewis and Mirza Ramic—have dropped a staggering 22 releases, as well as writing music for film and TV, and have performed their music live in Asia, Europe, Central America, and North America.

The duo’s latest LP, Life Is Everywhere, is set to arrive on January 27 and is a deeply personal outing for Mirza, who escaped war as a child in Bosnia in the 90s with his single mother and found a new life in the arts in the US. In the midst of promo for Arms and Sleepers’ previous LP, Swim Team, Mirza took a break to do a fellowship in Chicago, a 3-month period of his life that would form the backbone of Life Is Everywhere, as he explains:

“I worked with underprivileged youth through a non-profit educational organization, many of them coming from the notoriously dangerous South Side. It was a life-changing experience, meeting young people with incredible passion, talent, and energy, but also facing incredible obstacles erected by years of systemic racial discrimination. In the midst of a city known to many visitors as a progressive, modern, and “cool” place—especially in the summer—I found myself feeling uneasy and often angry. There was a whole segment of the population lacking access and opportunities that their northern white neighbors enjoyed without much thought. Porsches in the north, empty fridges in the south. This was and is the true America, and Chicago continues to be in the midst of it all (along with acquiring the unfortunate nickname “Chi-raq”). Arms and Sleepers’ music was never intended to be political in any way, but perhaps all art is political anyway. ‘Life is Everywhere’ is certainly an inevitable reaction to the deeply fundamental socioeconomic problems facing the United States, as experienced in one point of time last summer, in one place that is Chicago, and by one guy that is me.”

Life Is Everywhere will also feature co-production, mixing, and mastering by Sun Glitters, as well as guest vocals on two tracks by Chicago MC Serengeti. The first single to drop from the album, “Time Will Tell,” is now being offered as today’s XLR8R download and can be grabbed via WeTransfer below. The single can also be purchased on clear lathe cut 7″ vinyl and comes packaged with b-side cut “Sooner or Later.”

Time Will Tell

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Arms and Sleepers ‘Life is Everywhere’ from Jacob Rigau on Vimeo.