In the wake of Joy Orbison‘s “Hyph Mngo” becoming a bonafide underground hit in 2009, scores of producers rushed to fill their dark, brittle compositions with colorful synths and washy melodies. A few years have passed since then, but this remix of Klic (whom we’ve featured before) by Slovakian artist Bad Mojo (pictured above) demonstrates a similar impulse, with rich synths detuning their way on a heavy portamento around a galloping beat that sprinkles in funky house snares, Pearson Sound-style descending toms, and an ecstatic vocal refrain that carries the tune. “Arp (Bad Mojo Remix)” is distinctive in its understated execution and adherence to an ideal, that of a mid-July dancefloor in need of a refreshing, light-hearted anthem that will lock a crowd in for the remainder of a set.

Arp (Bad Mojo Remix)