Yet another name to emerge from the seemingly never-ending talent pool that is London’s post-everything scene, Warsnare is in the midst of prepping his debut solo effort, the Eris EP (artwork above), for the relatively fresh Shades of Grey label. “Artemis” is a surprisingly melodic cut (although not one featured on the aforementioned record) built from a litany of micro-samples. Scraping metal, backwards strings, and twinkling piano melodies all get chopped to their most basic bits before they’re rebuilt as a swirling procession that moves with a jagged flow above a stuttering kick and bassline. The track boasts a sound that’s not quite bass music and not quite post-dubstep, but something clearly in a corner of its own. We’re told to expect five tracks of similarly detailed, cinematic pieces of futuristic production when Eris drops February 20.